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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


College Mission: 

— Provide a Liberal Education at the 
undergraduate level. 

— Educate students in the Catholic 
Intellectual and Spritual Tradition. 

— Promote the Holistic Approach to 
educating students. 

— Respond to the educational needs 
of our Diverse Student Population. 

— Practice a Student-Centered, Stu- 
dent-First philosophy of service. 

While many of the traditions of Saint Leo 
College remain, this year brought many 
new changes to the College which were 
designed to better serve the students. 
Some of these changes included a new, 
student-run coffee house and a renewed 
sense of college spirit. A new Vice- 
President for Student Affairs helped make 
many of these changes possible. Accord- 
ing to Dr. Maureen Powers the New Vice- 
President for Student Affairs, "College is a 
time of self-learning and understanding. In 
order to help this process of education, we 
must be student oriented." These concepts 
are what Project Saint Leo College is based 
on, and they are what hass driven it into 
action! The move to make Saint Leo Col- 
lege a student first, student centered col- 
lege, as described in our mission state- 
ment, was a welcome breath of fresh air to 
both new and returning students. When the 
"project" is complete, the Saint Leo grad- 
uated will be even more prepared to so- 
cially, intellectually, and spiritually face the 
demands of life in our ever-changing world. 


Over the years, Saint Leo Col- 
lege has continued to improve. 
Academics and student life have 
been the main focus of the 
changes. In improving student 
life, Saint Leo College is striving 
to produce a well rounded stu- 
dent. A student that stands tall 
with school pride and tradition, 
and who will remain loyal to the 
institution that helped shape that 
student. ■||ib« 

Throughout the year, many stu- 
dents stood together by joining 
study groups, athletic teams, 
campus organizations, and par- 
ticipating in the many activities 
provided by the campus. The 
friendships made will not be for- 
gotten. With each generation, 
there is room for change. With 
each passing year. Saint Leo 
College embarks on more 
changes, intending to produce a 
student that will carry more 
amazing qualities than before. 

Latasha John- 
son and John 
show how ex- 
citing life can 
be at Saint Leo 

Mary, the first line of defense for the Marmion/Snyder 
residents, guards with a motherly eye. 

Members of the Residential Life staff, Mike Lee, Charley 
Brenier and Alicia Gonzalez, relax after a staff dinner. 


; *v*** 

- ; : ?# 

Improving student life in 
the Residence halls was 
the main focus of the 
Residence Life staff and 
R.H.A. They created both 
educational and social 
programs. These pro- 
grams were geared to 
promote awarness and 
self understanding. 

Jason and Sam re- 
laxing after a hard 
week of studying. 

Holli and Stephanie 
are releasing thier 
stress during the 
water war hall pro- 

Joe, walking unes- 
corted through 
Marmion Hall, is 
caught by the Resi- 
dent Assistant. 

Whether it was cam- 
ping, canoeing, horse- 
back riding or insect in- 
festation, Saint Leo 
students allowed na- 
ture and the environ- 
ment to play a crucial 
part of their experi- 

Mike and Olivia ex- 
perience the wrath of 
the Witholacoochee 

Ben learns valuable 
job skills while cook- 
ing for a picnic. 

The camping crew 
looks proudly at their 

The not so happy Charley bestows trust in her fellow 

An unofficial resident of Benoit, Mr. Spider, likes 
chilling outside Mike Finney's apartment. 

The King hopefuls, Jason, Phil, and Brian, practice 
their royal waves. 

Parents eagerly await the preformances of their highly 
talented students. 

Barefoot and high on root beer, Kara and Angela lead 
the Circle K float in the parade. 

Fall Family Weekend 
was a chance for both 
students and families 
to experience student 
life on our campus. The 
weekend was packed 
with activities ranging 
from a soccer game to 
a casino night. 

Andrew, Stephanie, 
Anthony and Olivia set 
sail for Saint Leo. 

Geoff shows the team 
what his head is made of, 
when he saves this ball at 
the Fall Family soccer 

Here, Megan and Olivia 
try their hand at a card 

They say "the freaks 
come out at night". Saint 
Leo is no exception. The 
student night life inclu- 
des a varity of activities 
such as dances, bowling, 
Residence Life hall pro- 
grams, and hanging with 
the natives. 


. ■ ■ 

Joe and Ellissa dance 
the night away at the 
Greek formal. 

Megan prefroms the 
dance of joy during a 
study break during 
finals week. 

Kevin is caught 
flirting with Charley at 
Ralphs (surprise). 

Julie and Wren try to kill boredom by doing funny 

things with thier fingers. 

Matt Shaw, "Mr Shaw if your nasty" 


Rob, Jim, and Eric spent more than the 
admission price for this food at Disney. 

Stressed students sun their frustrations 


Danielle stands bewildered at Kelly's 
amazing serve. 




When the sun comes 
out the vampires go to 
sleep. Saint Leo stu- 
dents occupy their time 
with various activities. 
These activities in- 
clude picnics, traveling 
to Disney, and outdoor 

Michelle uses her 
feminine charm to 
persuade Jeremy to play 
the tune of her choice. 

Keith Bowman proves 
that white men cannot 

The paddle boaters await 
instruction from outdoors- 
woman, Captain Hollis. 

The Campus made 
many changes to 
make life better for 
the students. These 
changes have been 
well recieved by the 


Hall Director, Sophie, 
made student life fun 
and interesting. 

Anthony, Dennis and 
Laura stand admiring 
the attractive new buil- 

A room with no view, 
but very good coffee. 
This is the reason why 
the night people do not 
get sun burns. 

Even the Resident Assistant training program has changed. 
Now they strongly promote community living. 

A view of the newly remodled enterance is both nice to look 
at and convenient to use. 

Also new is the Vice-President of Student Affairs, Dr. Pow- 
ers, caught here in one of our favorite Kodak moments. 



With a common goal of 
improvement, we all 
strived for that better 
grade, the better rela- 
tionship, or the better 
game before the time 
was called. We longed 
to be better people 
than we were when we 
first walked through 
the gates of Saint Leo 
College. By the time 
we leave, the memo- 
ries created and the 
traditions that are 
Saint Leo College go 
with us no matter what 
paths we take. 



Aarron am 
Wren Friends 


,evin and Brenda 
hanging out in front 
of Alumni Hall 

lam is dressed for 


Patrick J. Alward 
Business Administration 

Bobbie M. Badonsky 

John Paul Bardunias 

Mary Louise Blesedell 
History and Sociology 


The Original Soft Boy (Jim) 
relaxes on the train ride at 

Audrey Susan Brown 
Elementary Education 

Lisa M. Buckridge 

Specific Learning Disabilities 

Brenda Joan Campbell 
Specific Learning Disabiliti 



Jennifer Lynn Deck 

Brian Alarick Eves 

Dominick C. Fiilipponi 

Margaret Mary Foley 
Psychology and Religion 

Alicia Marie Gonzalez 
Physical Educaton 

William Richard Greengrass 
Business Administration 

Franklin Julian Halley 
Business Administration 

Bonnie Lee Hamby 
Specific Learning Disabilities 


Daniel Douglas Hepburn 

Ellen Angelique Hudson 
Human Resource 

Mitchell Thomas Inness Jr. Marion L. Jones 

History Secondary Education Business Administration 


Nicole Dee Keller 

Paula J. Kennedy 

Specific Learning Disablities 

Coen T. Kriedel 
Physical Education 

Marsha Wren Landers 
Music Education 


ason T. Montgomery 
ublic Administration 


Gloria E.C. Mouw 

Specific Learning Disabilities 

Kevin M. Moynihan 

Amanda Maria Quintana 
Psychology and Sociology 

Darrin Lee Reardon 
Business Administration 


Allain quinn is now a Who's 
Who of Colleges and Uni- 
versities person. 

.* >-** 

• t'. : .^-V*. 








'*•' "Vx * 

Kimberly Ann Devenny 
Social Work 

Latasha M. Johnson 
Social Work 

,y^. .* 


.<*•' J- 

jta *> 

A vX 

* ^* 



Alejandra Abarca 
Shawn Abbott 
Hasen Abed 
Bernice Abrigo 
Amanda Ackley 
Brenda Aloyo 
Cory Baker 
Jeffery Berard 
Christopher Berding 
Brian Bertucci 
Michelle Bishop 
Tomislav Blazevac 
Alan Bois 
Andrew Bokan 
Sara Bouzas 
Kelly Bowe 
Stephen Boyle 
William Brooks 
Daniel Budzilek 
Ronald Caccippio 
Anglea Cammarata 
Harry Cardosi 
Corinne Cassiliano 
Melissa Chapman 
Phong Chau 
Ya-Chen Chen 
Andrea Christiansen 
Ted Civil 
Rachel Combs 
Danielle Coscarefli 
Luara Croft 
Jonathan Cross 
Carla Cruz 
John Cunningham 
Michaeal Cun- 
Todd Debolt 
Chris Defrarsco 
Alberto Deigado 
Tony Dingle 
Stephanie Doherty 
Keliy Dougherty 
Terranee Dowdell 
Michael Dudomaine 
Sushelia Essig 
Samantha Ewing 
Diane Ezernack 
Karen Falding 
Robert Feltner 
David Ferraro 
Karen Fink 
Shawn Folberg 
Andrew Folds 
Holly Forrest 
Lisa Fortunato 
Lyle Freijo 
Toni Galante 
Anglea Gardiner 
Michelle Geskey 
Shelly Gideons 
Justin Godfrey 
Nathaniel Gordeon 
Melissa Goslee 
Alison Grower 
Shawn Halgren 
Cristine Hammond 
Taylor Harris 
Kia Hawayek 
Richard Heath 
Douglas Heitman 
Alan Henry 
Christina Hoemme 
Brian Howard 
Rosemarie Hunt 
Jason Hust 
Anthony Ibrahim 
Travis Janke 
Leah Jaynes 
Sean Johnson 
Vanessa Jolly 
Katherine Joncas 
Peter Joseph 
Delores Roussey 

Jamie Karp 
Todd Lamb 
Peter Leiser 
Brenda Letts 
Alberto Llerandi 
Hugh Maclssaac 
Mark Manhire 
Melinda Mannis 
Sonia Manuel 
Veronica Martinez 
Jeanne McBride 
Joan McCollum 
Jennifer McClone 
Matthew McHugti 
Glorimi Meiendez 
Donavan Meyer 
Misty Meyer 
Dana Miller 
Erin Muller 
Angie Nelson 
Juliene O'Brien 
Tara Ochoa 
Jennifer O'Conrter 
Jose Padifla 
Alexandra Pajich 
Kenneth Pearlman 
Philip Perry 
William Prodoehi 
Brendan Purceil 
Michael Regan 
James Redmond 
Rebecca Resende* 
David Rivera 
Germaine Robb 
Karla Roberts 
Marco Rodrtgo 
Michael Rodriguez 
Nornar Rodriguez 
Lisa Rosen 
Tracy Roy 
Juan Ruiz 
Renee Sail 
Sandra Sambito 
Susan Savino 
Ruby Scott 
Jaret Shank 
Adnenne Shreve 
Peter Skouras 
Jason Stiert 
Robert Stockman 
Jason Studybaker 
Matthew Stump 
Gerald Stumpf 
Robert Sullivan 
Virgina Trissell 
Tomasz Urbancyk 
Katheryn Ure 
Victoria Voltaggio 
Heather Wasielk 
Jennifer Waterman 
Andrew Weagle 
Robyn Weiss 
Jason Westberry 
Regina Wilkins 
Ayana Wilson 
Diane Winkler 
Joseph Zavalnak 

Rob Jones Was this year's outstanding 


Julie Becker is caught dressed like a 



Smile Tom You are now in the yearbook. 

heta girls are sisters forever, Sky and Natasha 
ire no exceptions. 



Jon Akin 

Ezrarobert Alicea 
Jerimarie Allen 
Angle Aller 
Ryan Allen 
Jason Anderson 
Erin Azar 
Steven Bailey 
Kelly Baker 
Mike Baluta 
John Barnes 
Luis Bartolome 
Charlotte Bernier 
Cheryl Berry 
Mariela Betancourt 
Heather Biggs 
Antonio Bolanos 
Pual Bolton 
Patrick Bowen 
Ashley Boyette 
Mary Brinkman 
Tracy Bugan 
Jeffery Burrows 
Nicholas Camporeale 
Jolene Cannon 
Misty Cannon 
Carrie Corothers 
Thomas CarvaJbo 
Cynthia Christie 
Natalie Cktcea 
Ty Clayton 
Holhmarie Comstock 
Mmina Craig 
Christopher Cuchetti 
Melissa DeCruz 
Andrew Danecki 
JiH Dascoii 
Mark Demam 
Amber Depouw 
F rartchesca Desriviere 
Alexandra Dilorenzo 
Patricia Donovan 
Christopher Downs 
Nathan Dumar 
Jonathan Dunn 
Edward Dutton 
Mark Falor 

Christopher Farnsworth 
Katheryn Faulkner 
Tara Fernadez 
Joanna Finch 
Aaron Fisk 
Angella Fordham 
Christina Frazier 
Mary Galambos 
Vicki Galindo 
Agatha Garbini 
Jonathan Gifford 
Heather Gillen 
Harmony Gillett 
James Gordon 
Delcia Gore 
Amy Gougherty 
Tangella Grant 
Regina Guerra 
Kevin Guthrie 
Sara Hammerbacher 
Stuart Hart 
Timothy Hill 
Cristian Hockley 
Marie Holder 
Adreiane Holmes 
Keri Howald 
Micheal lafrato 
William Ingram 
Joeann Jeanbaptiste 
Allison Jonas 
Tracy Kalafut 
Debra Karrels 
James King 
Brian Kirby 
Dolorosa Kissaka 

Bryan Lafata 
Jason Layton 
Karen Lehto 
Todd Levy 
Nigel A. Lewis 
Nigel R. Lewis 
Shallee Lindey 
Jason Linkes 
Shannon Lippy 
Gregory Livingston 
Benjamin Luedkey 
Toni Lumpkin 
Dai Mai 

Kevin Markowski 
David Marsh 
Jennifer Marsh 
Angela Marshall 
Amber Martinez 
Kelly Mazza 
Lyndsey McBride 
Beth McCuliough 
Melissa Mcleod 
Jennifer Michael 
Darren Miglas 
Jennifer Mitchell 
Megan Moan 
Adam Morales 
Jessica Mortngstar 
Kari Mule 
Wayne Murtagh 
Alan Music 
Elizabeth O'Brien 
Maricia Ogorman 
David Pascuzzi 
Leslee Peltier 
Heather Pepper 
Anatatia Perez 
April Pheian 
Carol Picot 
Robert Ptzzio 
Jeffery Popott 
Frank Pressey 
Julie Purceil 
Carr Purser 
Yuri Radzibaba 
Aishia Ralph 
Douglas Raid 
Laura Reyes 
Justin Rhoads 
Jourdian Richter 

Jennifer Robertson 
Bobby Robinson 
Leslie Rosario 
Jamie FSutkin 
Jay Ryan 
Mark Santos 
Laura Schuttz 
Dina Scirpo 
Samatha Scott 
Gina Sebestyen 
Anthony Skidmore 
Elizabeth Smith 
Renee Smith 
Nathan Stasonis 
Keith Sutton 
Ashley Swindle 
Dawn Terracciano 
Stephanie Tillman 
Evangelia Vergos 
Matthew Valid 
Scott Wallace 
Patrick Walls 
Timothy Walsh 
Jennifer Watson 
Shawn Wilson 
Sharon Wormser 
Traivs Yocum 
Cameron Young 
Roslyn Zemon 

Melissa and Amy entertain themselves at the 
Greek formal. 

This year's Sophomore of the year was Brian 


Dances attracted many people, here Julie and 
Amber ready to take on the night. 



Jessika Alvarez 
Michael Atria 
Everlee Baez 
Daniel Barcelowsky 
Paul Bauer 
Paula Becerra 
Linda Bergin 
Bridget Blewitt 
Ryan Blust 
Joseph Brackney 
Tracy Brodeur 
Rachel Byrne 
Mildred Cabrera 
Colleen Carney 
Farrah Chessher 
Arthur Christopher 
Marilyn Coleman 
Colum Cooney 
Orlawnah Coy 
Angela Creel 
Andrew Cremeans 
Rachel Crowley 
Paul Cuccinello 
Cira Cutrona 
Andrew Dallessandro 
Marc Daly 
Cleveland Davis 
John Davison 
Danielle Deboer 
Sabrina Delate 
Matthew Dooris 
Daniel Downs 
Derek Ebanks 
Daniel Eichler 
Matthew Elias 
Diana Ferguson 
Seth Randers 
Christine Ftores 
Joseph Fioz 
Daniel Friendly 
John Gage 
Kenny Garcia 
Michael Godbofc 
Garrett Goralski 
Lisa Grabowski 
Jennifer Gross 
Elizabeth Harrington 
Brian Harrison 
Thurman Hendrix 
Patricia Herrera 
Amy Hersh 
David Hickenbottom 
Christopher Hohwart 
Dennis Hupka 
Christina Johns 
Dennis Jones 
Mark Kane 
Courtney Kerr 
Kyle Krutsinger 
Benny Labadie 
Darlene Leonard 
Joseph Liberti 
Eric Liberty 
Craig Little 
Alison Littorin 
Yizenia Lugo 
David macca 
Jennifer Maiolo 
Amy Makosky 
Richard Maurer 
Bridie Mayer 
Jamie McGrath 
Kathleen McManus 
Mario Medero 
Jeffery Meiers 
Brian Mest 
Christina Meyer 
James Meyer 
Pablo Moncada 
Christy Moore 
Kevin Murphy 
Erin Hara 

Jimmy Panjikaran 
Jennifer Pearson 
Elissa Penna 
Darlene Pereda 
Michael Petrosky 
Evans Pierre 
Charles Plaia 
Brian Quinlan 
Sarah Rajotte 
Kara Ramke 
Keith Renshaw 
Jamie Rice 
John Rizzuto 
Sarah Rochford 
Alita Sanders 
Angel Santiago 
Jose Santos 
Charlene Sasso 
Lindsey Schmitt 
Olivia Schule 
Krista Schweiberger 
Matthew Shaw 
Peggy Sherman 
Katina Sideris 
Genny Stkes 
Celestino Smith 
James Smith 
Christopher Spskoski 
Gary Steere 
Christina Suarez 
Christopher Suarez 
Jonathan Szponar 
Jennifer Tayior 
Desire© Thomas 
Justin Thompson 
Stacey Thome 
Guisselle Torres 
Martin Vargas 
Philip Vassallo 
Benjamin Webber 
Jason WW 
Nisa Woodham 
Olivia Wright 
Walter Wright 




The inseparable Angie and Marietta are 
captured in their most common pose. 

Amy Celebrates the end of her first year at 

Saint Leo. 


This Year's outstanding freshman was 
Guisselle Torres. 

•Mt-.T'Wr-., ..ClVM : J 

Matt Shaw is relaxing after classes with 
his security lion. 

Mike is caught here showing his sensitive side. 



k3 X Af -F 

Dr. Setty Adisesh (Chemistry) 

Ronald Allison (Business) 

Sophia Andali (Hall Director) 

Chris Anderson (Evaluator) 

Dr. Tyson Anderson (Religon) 

Shannon Anderson (Trainer) 

Willie Mae Armwood (food) 

Marjorie Arnade (library) 

Dr. Frank Arnold (Dean) 

Beverly Baeher (Careers) 

Robert Baber (security) 

Dr. Bagley (Education) 

Shannon Bailey (Financial Aid) 

Marcus Baker (Campus Mail) 

Denise Bandy (Staft Assistant) 

Nancy Barber (Advisor) 

Kevin Barton (Computer) 

Charla Bauer (Writing) 

Robert Beasley (Security) 

Cheryl Beaudoin (Registrar) 

Joan Becker (Music) 

Marcella Bell (housekeeping) 

Faye Berens (Computer) 

Sr. Germaine Bevans (Prioress) 

Bonnie Black (Admissions) 

Allene Blevins (Food) 

Linda Blommel (Computer) 

Willie Bradford (housekeeping) 

Gordon Briggs (mairttenace) 

Dr. Robert Brooks (Academic Affairs) 

Dr. Dirk Budd (English) 

Ann Bull (Athletics) 

Margo Burrows (Acedemic Advisor) 

Doris Camper (Human Resources) 

James Card (maintenance) 

Norman Carey (Library) 

Antione Carr (Grounds) 

Ray Carver (Athletics) 

Dr. Terrance Caselnova (Science) 

Gerri Cassidy (Finanicial Aid) 

Dr. Kevin Charlwood (Mathematics) 

Janice Christiansen (Campus Store) 

Linda Church (Academic Affairs) 

Jeff Cobb (Athletics) 

Dr. Laurel Cobb (Accounting) 

Barbara Colburn (Food) 

Fred Colby (Registrar) 

Edith Colkmire (Food) 

Karen Collins (Student Affairs) 

Janet Cone (Athletics) 

Lenny Conley (Food) 

Nora Conley (Registrar) 

Jo Ann Cook (Cooridnator) 

Mark Cook (Computer) 

Lynn Correia (Library) 

Alma Coston (Science) 

Al Couch (maintenance) 

Br. Patrick Creamer (Abby) 

Carole Croft (Financial Aid) 

Laura Croft (Finance) 

Thomas Crosby (Athletics) 

Julie Crowley (library) 

Teri Cuthbert (Academic Affairs) 

Tarry Danner (Criminolgy) 

Joey Davis (Athletics) 

Raymond Davis (Grounds) 

Bettie Davis (food) 

Mary DeLaRosa (Staff Assistant) 

Karen Delong (Fine Arts) 

Donna Denney (Academic Affairs) 

Janice Diedrich (Financial Aid) 

Dr. George Dooris (Biology) 

Dr. Patricia Dooris (Env. Science) 

Dr. Doran (V. P. Academics Affairs) 

Janet Dorr (Staff Coordinator) 

Dr. Maribeth Durst (Social Work) 

Jerry Dyer (Academic Affairs) 

Dr. Mark Edmonds (English) 

Robert Elwood (Athletics) 

Dr. Marilyn Elis (Counseling) 

Calvin Engh (Mathmatics) 

Mary Estes (Admissions) 

Beth Evans (President s Office) 
Denise Evans (Food) Mk 
Karen Fadling (Campus Store) 
Michael Fanning (Financial Aid) 
Brenda Farley (Food) 
Frank Farrell (Security) 

Francisco Fiaiios (Assistant to 


Mike Finney (Hall Director) 

Charles Fisk (Economics) 

William Foley (Accounting) 

Fobert Frankel (Sceince) 

Linda Frassrand (Campus Store) 

Dr. Lucille Fuchs (Education) 

Elizabeth Gaddy (housekeeeping) 

Samuel Gant (grounds) 

Robert Garland (maintenance) 

Elizabeth Gauf f reau (Academic 


Sr. Mildred Gelis (copy center) 

Murray Glass (Fine Aits) 

Barry Glover (Criminolgy) 

Shawn Graham (Financial Aid) 

Boyd Gray (security) 

Michael Green (Finance) 

John Grief (Campus Store) 

Arm Grieshop (Library) 

Glenn Gulivin (Grounds) 

Dr. Nancy Gunter (Psycoiogy) 

David Han (Hall Director) 

Dr. June Hammond (Mathimatics) 

Joanne Hansen (Alumni Affairs) 

Lois Harmak (Food) 

Anne Herman (Fine Arts) 

Karen Hatfield (Purchasing) 

Richard Haven (maintenance) 

Jermone Helton (Security) 

Lonzo Helton (Gorunds) 

Dr. Ctiarlene Herreid (institutional 

John Higgins (Fine Arts) 

Richard M (housekeeping) 

Scott Hill (food) 

Michael Hine (Copy Center) 

Roger Hines (t&rary) 

Euiaie Hirttz (Admissions) 

Clinton Hobos (security) 

David Hoffman (Institutional 


Maria Holder (Admissions) 

Suzanne Hoists (Student Activites) 

Felicia Holmes (housekeeeping) 

Elaine Hoon (Business Affairs) 

Dr. James Horgan (History) 

Sue Arm Hudson (History) 

James Hughson (Fine Arts) 

Marsha Hummerick (Financial Aid) 

Kevin Hunter (Student Activities) 

Agnes Hutto (Payroll) 

Janet Hutto (Coordiraftor) 

Roy Hutto (computer) 

Dr. Robert imperato (Dean) 

Jody Jeffers (Staff Assistant) 

Mozelle Jennings (Registrar) 

Tom Kane (Admissions) 

Kerry Keegan (Admissions) 

Hershel Keeling (Grounds) 

Debra Kelsh (food) 

James Killmeyer (Physical Plant) 

Mic Knight (Fine Arts) 

Thelma Klark (Planning) 

Kari Knowles (Hall Director) 

Dr. Nikolas Kodogiannidis (Math) 

Kay Kosuda (Library) 

Ed Kotchi (Computer) 

Dr. Calista Koval (Education) 

Betty Kozumplik (library) 

Dr. Michael Lares (Biology) 

Bill Lent (Athletics) 

Pat Lind (food) 

George Littell (Computers) 

Scott Ludwig (Fine Arts) 

Jennifer Lugiewicz (Finance) 

Gloria Mabry (Security) 

Gal Maday (Admissions) 

Jane Maher (Institutional 


Prances Martin< Social Work) 

Sheryii McCarthy (Food) 

Philip McClung (Campus Resident 


Tracy McFarland (Residential Life) 

Eldora McGuire (library) 

Florence McHugh (Campus 


Helen McKaig (Food) 

Melinda McKendree (Finance) 

Dr. Michael MacKenzie(Psycology) 

Mac McManigte ( Security) 

Joyce McNatt (Finance) 

Dr. John McTague (History) 

Avis Merrit (Professional Studies) 

Benjamin Miller (houskeeping) 

William Miller (Security) 

Yvonne Miller (Staff Assistant) 

Anthony Mills (Food) 

Perry Monastero ( Admissions} 

Susan Monier (English) 

Pattie Montgomery (Registrar) 

Susan Moore (Library) 

Dr. Michael Mooreman (Computer) 

Monsignor Frank Mouch 


Lois Murray (Honors Prograta) 

Peter Murray (Computer) 

Victoria Musielsk (Financial Aid) 

Margie Neuhofer (library) 

Ot^ Mark Newton (Honors 


Mattie Oates (housekeeeping) 

Tom O'Brien (Athletics) 

Terri CCormor (computer) Pat 

ONeli (houskeeping) 

Patricia Oppei (Professional 


Doreen Penerthy (Finance) 

Karen Phillips (Fine Arts) 

Tom Phillips (Education) 

Carol Picot (Professional Studies) 

Kim Pike ( Financial Aid) 

Cindy Plttman (Registrar) 

Cyndee Pitts (library) 

Kathryn PIgss (Finance) 

Nancy Pond (Student Affairs) 

Victor Pond (maintenance) 

Adeline Poznar (English) 

Dr. Walter Poznar (English) 

Dr. Maureen Powers (V.P. Student 


Shirley Rajamki (Staff Assistant) 

Edith Ramlow (library) 

Fredrick Ramlow (library) 

Jacqueline Reece (Advisor) 

Richard Reeves (computers) 

Fran Reidy (Athletics) 

Richard Remington (English) 

Dr. Hudson Reynolds (Social 


Jaimie Rice (Staff Assistant) 

Beth Riddle (Institutional 


Dr. Marco Rimanell) (Political 


Richard Ritzman (Financial Aid) 

Gwen Bobbins (Physical Plant) 

Argon Roberts (maintenance) 

Gloria Roberts (Institutional 


Lynn Roberts (Academic Affairs) 

Nancy Roberts (Registrar) 

Willie Roberts (Security) 

Troy Robinette (housekeeping) 


Chuck Fisk reminisces to his college days while 
relaxing in his office. 




Judith Rochelle (Public Affairs) 

Lenore Rodigues (Registrar) 

Rick Rollason (Commputer) 

Robert Rubin (Business) 

Judy Rundle (Telephone Dpt.) 

Dr. Nicholas Samares (English) 

James Sampson (Food) 

John Schaly (Athletics) 

Betty Schambeau (Business Studies) 

Bernard Schneider (Institutional Advanc- 


Becci Schofield (Physical Plant) 

Dr. Caroyln Schoultz (Education) 

Bill Schwartz (Computer) 

Barry Seagle (Food) 

Loretta Seekins (Registrar) 

Mark Seekins (Campus Store) 

Rebecca Shanafelt (Financial Aid) 

Lucy Sheehan (Food) 

Genny Sikes (Staff Assistant) 

Alonzo Singleton (Maintenance) 

Connie Sliger (Human Resources) 

Eadie Smith (housekeeping) 

Grace Smith (Registrar) 

Mary Smith (Finance) 

Puala Smith (Athletics) 

Sherry Smith (Admissions) 

Todd Smyly (Athletics) 

Maura Synder (English) 

Harley South (Security) 

Bobette Sponheim (Health Services) 

Dr. Mary Spoto (English) 

Wanda Stacey (food) 

Bethany Sainbrook (Public Affairs) 

Nick Steiret (Housekeeping) 

Dr. Susan Sterner (Business Studies) 

Jordana Stephens (AlumniAf fairs) 

Liz Suggs (Food) 

John Swart (Athletics) 

Dr. Donna Teevan (Religion) 

Elizabeth Tesar (library) 

Mary Thomas ( Housekeeping) 

Dr. Rebekah Thomas (Biology) 

Margaret Thompson (Academic Affairs) 

Daphna Todd (Registrar) 

Marvin Travis (Business) 

Virgina Trissell (Library) 

Sr. Candice Tucci (Campus Ministry) 

Thomas Ulm (security) 

Sandi Vance (Teacher Recertifiacation) 

Rosa Vella (Financial Aid) 

Dr. Astrid Vicas (Religion) 

David Walker (Staff Assistant) 

Sr. Dianne Wansley (Marmion/Snyder) 

Joyce Warren (Registrar) 

Doris Watson (Registrar) 

John Weicherding (V.P. Business Affairs) 

Jammie Wells (maintenance) 

Sylvia Wells (maintenance) 

Dr. Erine Williams (Philosophy) 

Lynn Wilson (Professional Studies) 

Wil Wilson (Admissions) 

Denise Wilt (Financial Aid) 

Kurt Van Wilt (English) 

James Wingate (Financial Aid) 

Shirley Witchley (Financial Aid) 

James Woodard (English) 

Nisa Woodham (Admissions) 

Dr. Jeanne Wright (Mathematics) 

Sharon Yarbrough (Financial Aid) 

Terecita Zamora (Housekeeping) 

Susan Holis and her husband relax at the 

appreciation banquet. 

Karen, as always, hard at work. 


onsignor shows his soft side in the kiss 
>e pig contest sponsored by Circle K. 



?.. *-^5 

Since the first intercol- 

event, a rowing — — 

race between Harvard Nomar realizes 

and Yale, sports have that the sweet 

. . . i i • smell of victory 

mi a vital role in en- ; s ready his 

couraging spirit and unity teammates 
amonq the student bodv. 
Athletes put forth an ef- 
fort to improve them- 
selves in honor of their 
chanqinq institution. The 
integrity and dedication 
of these young men and 
women demonstrates 
the tradition of excel- 
lence upheld by Saint 
Leo College. Every goal, 
basket, or home-run 
bring the teams closer to 
tie realization of their 

Pii g\ f 11 gv rn 
11 U (I Hi t 1 



The Volleyball team attacks. 

The Volleyball Team "Vogue" style. 
Erica is recognized for her outstanding efforts on the team. 



Oct. 3 — Webber College Sept. 5- 

Oct. 7 — Rollins College Sept. 8- 

Oct. 11 — Eckerd College Sept. 13- 

Oct. 13 — Cleawater Christian Sept. 15- 

Oct. 18 — Barry University Sept. 15- 

Oct. 21 — Palm Beach Atlantic Sept. 16- 

Oct. 25 — North Florida Sept. 16- 

Oct. 27 — Northwood Sept. 19- 

University Sept. 20- 

Oct. 27 — Clearwater Christian Sept. 23- 

Oct. 31 — Flagler College Sept. 26- 

Nov. 1 — University of Tampa Sept. 29- 

Nov. 3 — Florida Southern Sept. 30- 

Nov. 8 — Flordia Tech Sept. 30- 

Nov. 11 — Rollins College Sept. 30 

Barry University 
Webber College 
Eckerd College 
Armstrong State 
Florida Tech 
Valdosta State 
West Georgia 
Flagler College 
North Florida 
Florida Southern 
Univeristy of Tampa 
Mars Hill 
Siant Andrews 
Elon College 

^ ^M m 0^ 

Stephanie Baldwin, Fran Brinkman, Beth Savick, 
Tangela Grant, Regina Guerra, Sheila Essig, Har- 
mony Gillett, April Phelan, and Erica Germano. 

Regina is chilling with her friends before volleyball 


Sept. 2— Plam Beach 

Atlantic College 
Sept. 8— Wingate College 
Sept. 10 — Queens College 
Sept. 16 — Barry University 
Sept. 20 — Florida Southern 

Sept. 23 — Lynn University 
Sept. 27 — Eckerd College 
Sept. 30 — St. Tomas 
Oct. 1 — USC-Spartanburg 
Oct. 5 — Florida Tech 
Oct. 10 — Rollins Colege 

Oct. 13 — Lewis University 
Oct. 14 — Francis Marion 

Oct. 18 — Flagler College 
Oct. 21 — Lenoir Rhyne 

Oct. 22 — Mar Hill College 
Oct. 27 — Lander University 
Oct. 29 — Regis University 
Nov. 1 — University of 

North Florida 
Nov. 3 — University of 


Jon kicks a winner! 


Wayne skillfully keeps 
the ball away from his 

^-■* « i *—»»»» 

Keith passes the ball 
using his head. 



13 9 : 

* fl 

2. I il 



S*s /% 





Top Left: Brendan Morgan, Todd Debolt, Wayne Murtaugh, Kyle Krutsinger, 
Cleveland Davis, Alan Henry, Alfred Itaeli, Bennie Labadie, Jon Akin, Steven 
Boyle, Nate Gordon, Gavin Redmond, Yuri Radzibaba, Geoff Chisolm, Ben 
Luedke, Christopher Bay, Keith Sutton, Matt Beck, Jonathan Gifford, Sean 
Cousins, Nomar Rodriguez, Fran Reidy, Marcello Cracolici, Mark Santos, 
John Barnes. 


Adrienne jumps her 
height to make the 


Under pressure, Julie 

Becker attempts the 

foul shot. 

Top left: Latasha Johnson, Shalee Lindey, Lisa Lusk, Lakoscia 

Kennon, Julie Becker, Angel Marshall, Tangela Grant, Lyndsey 

McBride, Carlyn Ross, Monica Lewis, Cheryl Assmussen, Janet 

Cone, Adrienne Holmes, Alita Sanders, Roslyn Zemon, Anitra 

Sanders, Jennifer Jackson, Lindsay Schmitt. 



Nov. 21 — Barton College 
Nov. 25 — Lynn University 
Nov. 29 — Florida Memorial 
Nov. 30 — Edward Waters 
Dec. 05 — Florida Memorial 
Dec. 08 — Brewton-Park 
Dec. 09 — Georgia College 
Dec. 16 — Armstrong State 
Dec. 30 — King's College 
Jan. 02 — Rowan College 
Jan. 03 — Georgetown College 
Jan. 06 — Barry University 
Jan. 09 — Eckerd College 
Jan. 14 — Rollins College 
Jan. 16 — University of Tampa 

Jan. 20 — 
Jan. 23 — 
Jan. 27 — 

Feb. 01 — 
Feb. 03 — 
Feb. 07 — 
Feb. 10 — 
Feb. 14 — 
Feb. 17 — 
Feb. 21 — 
Feb. 24 — 

Feb. 27 — 

Florida Tech 
Florida Southern 
University of North 

Lynn University 
Barry University 
Eckerd College 
Rollins College 
University of Tampa 
Florida Tech 
Florida Southern 
University of North 
Rollins College 



<*# m 

M it Carlyn Ross stands by waiting for the rebound. 
Carlyn makes the shot as Julie defends her. 


Nov. 17 — Texas A&M Jan. 24 — 

Nov. 18 — Lane College Jan. 27 — 

Nov. 20 — Palm Beach Atlantic 

Nov. 29 — Florida Memorial Feb. 03 — 

Dec. 05 — Edward Waters Feb. 06 — 

Dec. 07 — Florida Memorial Feb. 10 — 

Dec. 08 — Saint Thomas Feb. 13 — 

Dec. 11 — Kennesaw State Feb. 17 — 

Dec. 28 — Webber College Feb. 20 — 

Dec. 30 — Georgetown University Feb. 24 — 

Dec. 31 — American International 

Jan. 03 — Minnesota-Duluth Feb. 29 — 

Jan. 06 — Barry University 

Jan. 10 — University of Tampa 

Jan. 14 — Rollins College 

Jan. 17 — Florida Southern 

Jan. 20 — Florida Tech 

Eckerd College 
University of North 

Barry University 
Univerisity of Tampa 
Rollins College 
Florida Southern 
Florida Tech 
Eckerd College 
University of North 
Eckerd College 



Shawn just made a lucky pass. 
The plan of attack has been made. 



Tracy prepares to hit 
a homer. 

Crystal Dobbs (out of 

uniform) shows her 

stuff on the field. 


jT, +«\i4* : 

. ■ - : -.'0:M : v : f; : - 


Tracy Roy and Julie Becker are recognized for their outstanding achievements as 
women in sports. 



Feb. 18 — 
Mar. 03 — 
Mar. 03 — 
Mar. 07 — 
Mar. 07 — 
Mar. 09 — 
Mar. 12 — 
Mar. 13 — 
Mar. 19 — 
Mar. 21 — 

Mar. 23 — 
Mar. 24 — 

Mar. 27 — 

St. Johns University 
Mount Olive College 
Indiana University 
Southern Illinois 
Barry University 
Rollins College 
Merrimack College 
Eckerd College 
University of North 

Rollins College 
Florida Southern 
Webber College 

Mar. 29 — 

Apr. 02 — 
Apr. 04 — 
Apr. 06 — 
Apr. 10 — 
Apr. 11 — 
Apr. 15 — 

Apr. 17 — 
Apr. 20 — 
Apr. 21 — 
Apr. 23 — 
Apr. 27 — 

Columbus College 
Thomas College 
Webber College 
Barry University 
University of Tampa 
Molloy College 
Florida Southern 

Eckerd College 
Florida Tech 
University of Tampa 
Florida Tech 
University of North 


: ,. ^ri^^S**^^*.-'..., :, : , ■;.;.:• . -:«-SKi 

Shawn shows off the new uniforms while she swings at the ball. 

Shawn polishes her pitching skills during practice. 


Feb. 09 — St. Andrews Presbyterian 

Feb. 13 — Embry-Riddle University 

Feb. 18 — Georgia College 

Feb. 20 — Valdosta State University 

Feb. 24 — Okland University 

Feb. 26 — Saginaw Valley State 

Feb. 27 — Webber College 

Mar. 01 — Columbus College 

Mar. 02 — Mercer University 

Mar. 03 — Mercer University 

Mar. 05 — King College 

Mar. 06 — Madonna College 

Mar. 07 — Lenoir-Rhyne University 

Mar. 07 — Concordia College 

Mar. 09 — Lafayette College 

Mar. 09 — University of Mass.- Lowell 

Mar. 10 — Ithica College 

Mar. 10 — Wagner College 

Mar. 11 — Bellarmine College 

Mar. 12 — University of Penn. 

Mar. 13 — Fitchburg State 

Mar. 13 — Merrimack College 

Mar. 14 — Framingham State University 

Mar. 15 — Lehigh University 

Mar. 15 — Universtiy of New Hampshire 

Mar. 16 — U. S. Military Academy-Army 

Mar. 17 — Assumpition College 

Mar. 20 — Carroll College 

Mar. 22 — Barry University 

Mar. 23 — Barry University 

Mar. 24 — Barry University 

Mar. 25 — Erskine College 

Mar. 29 — University of North Florida 

Mar. 30 — University of North Florida 

Mar. 31 — University of North Florida 

Apr. 02 — Valdosta State University 

Apr. 03 — Cardinal Stritch College 

Apr. 04 — Eckerd College 

Apr. 05 — Eckerd College 

Apr. 06 — Eckerd College 

Apr. 09 — Embry-Riddle University 

Apr. 12 — University of Tampa 

Apr. 13 — University of Tampa 

Apr. 14 — University of Tampa 

Apr. 17 — Warner Southern College 

Apr. 19 — Florida Tech 

Apr. 20 — Florida Tech 

Apr. 21 — Florida Tech 

Apr. 23 — Webber College 

Apr. 26 — Florida Southern College 

Apr. 27 — Florida Southern College 

Apr. 28 — Florida Southern College 

May 04 — Rollins College 

May 05 — Rollins College 

May 06 — Rollins College 

The team celebrates their victory. 
Alberto waits to complete the play. 


Gary attempts to 
strike-out the other 

Ruben swings like a 


. . ... 



'■" " 


Coach John Schaly, Shannon, T.J. Hill, David Marsh, Pat Bowen, J.D. Will, 
Joey Davis, Jason Stein, Jason Anderson, Brady Bogart, Partick Walls, Mike 
Coonan, Gary Wilson, Brian Burns, Robby Murphy, Ruben Garcia, David 
Garcia, Chris Thompson, David Clanton, Matt Gifford, Don Whitehead, Chip 
Myers, Travis Janke, Brain Lafata, Eric Ondrey, Kevin Guthrie, Jose Santos, 
Patrick Walls, Taylor Harris, Alberto Llerandi, Kevin Markowski, 

1 1 ' . -..'., • M 

Left: Shane Horan, Mark Demaio, Mark Falor, 
Matthew Stump, Josh Melton, Anthony Skid- 



Mens Women's 

Jan. 20 — University of North Florida Jan. 20 — 

Jan. 22 — University of Tampa Jan. 24 — 

Jan. 26 — Florida Tech Jan. 28 — 

Jan. 29 — Florida Southern Feb. 01 — 

Feb. 01 — Webber College Feb. 02 — 

Feb. 02 — Palm Beach Atlantic Feb. 08 — 

Feb. 06 — Rollins College Feb. 09 — 

Feb. 15 — Webber College Feb. 19 — 

Feb. 19 — Eckerd College Feb. 21 — 

Feb. 22 — Barry University Feb. 27 — 

Feb. 23 — Saint Thomas University Mar. 04 — 

Feb. 24 — Palm Beach Atlantic Mar. 06 — 

Feb. 26 — Northwood Universtiy Mar. 21 — 

Mar. 05 — Embry-Riddle University Mar. 22 — 

Mar. 07 — Wabash College Mar. 23 — 

Mar. 19 — Carthage College Mar. 28 — 

Mar. 29 — Embry-Riddle University Apr. 11 — 

Apr. 02 — Florida Tech Apr. 13 — 
Apr. 09 — University of Tampa 
Apr. 13 — Eckerd College 

University of North Florida 
Florida Southern 
Nova Southeastern 
Webber College 
Palm Beach Atlantic 
Universtiy of Tampa 
Saint Thomas University 
Eckerd College 
Florida Southern College 
Rollins College 
St. Cloud State 
Hillsborough C.C. 
Barry University 
Saint Thomas University 
Palm Beach Atlantic 
Hillsborough C.C. 
University of Tampa 
Eckerd College 

Left: Mary Galambos, Jill Dascoli, Harmony Gil 
lett, Angie Nelson, Karen Lehto, Julie O'Brien. 


After the rush of day, 
students finished 
their classwork and 

continued thpir pn- 

wUIIUllUvU lllvll CM 

deavors to succeed in 
organizations. Wheth- 
er collecting dues, 
electing members, or 
selling candy-grams, 
the intentions of each 
club were similar. 
Each organization 
tried to enhance stu- 
dent life. They dis- 
played their versatility 
by sharing the pre- 
cious gifts of service 
with both the school 
and community. Their 
efforts are much to be 
admired. ' 

Rob and Jason 

try to sing 

Hootie and the 

Blowfish at a 






cjtife i^a* .*! 

Circle K is an organization dedicated 
to the belief that if you build the indi- 
vidual, and then you can chang the 
world. We enhanced the Saint Leo 
community tremendously. I had so 
much fun with my friends this year. I 
was impressed to see that there 
were so many people who shared 
the same passion for helping people. 
Our projects ranged from Feeding 
the Homeless in Tampa to helping 
the boys with their reading at Boy's 
Village. I couldn't express the fulfill- 
ment I got from this organization. I 
hope to see new members to share 
this experience in the upcoming 
year. Good luck to our seniors - Ja- 
son Yager, Jim Gaglio, Dan Frenden, 
Kevin Darville, and Kim Deveney. 

Angella paints the colors of Circle K for the 

Fall Parade. 

Jason Yager demonstrates what the Circle K 
group is best known for, service. 

Norman (advisor), Mike lafrato, Jason Yager, Rob Jones, Jim Gaglio, Dan 
Eicheler, Antonio Bolanios, Elissa Penna, Angella Fordham, Guisselle Torres, 
60 Jennifer Michael, Kara Ramke, Megan Moan, Agatha Garbini, Olivia Wright, 

Shannon Lippy. 


The Ambassadors 
are students who 
represent the college 
through service. 
These students serve 

■;■-■■■;■■ ■;-. .... : -<. 

the college at both 
college or community 
sponsored events. 
The Ambassadors 
are selected to the 
postilion, and believe 
the position to be an 
honor, f *" 


i ■ 





V s 


^V* < 

>• . 

'It » 



Ambassador Melissia is shown rep- 
resenting the College at an off- 
campus event. 

Here a group of ambassadors relax 
before the crowd comes in. 

; . i /jl n 

Patrick Alward, Micheal Dudomaine, Micheal Rodriguez, Micheal Mel- 
ton, Mr. Filiaos, Diane Winkler, Micheal Lee, Mitch Inness, Kim Divinie, 
Anthony Ibraham, Michelle McLeod, Melody Kelinsky, Guisselle Torres, 
Julie Percel, Hemali Pettier, Rosemarie Alfaro. 



' .,:/' " 

Jamie Cerbollero, Micheal Melton, Eric Liberty, Charley Brenier, 
Tara Fernandez. 

Boosting Alcohol Con- 
sciousness Concerning the 
Health of University Students, 
BACCHUS is an organization 
that promotes responsibility 
with the use, or non-use, of al- 
coholic beverages. BACCHUS 
focuses its efforts in the ed- 
ucation of college and univer- 
sity students, faculty, and 
staff. Members of BACCHUS 
sponsored an event featuring 
motivational speaker Bobby 
Petricelli. Among other topics, 
Petricelli discussed how the 
loss of his wife at the hands of 
a drunk driver changed his life. 

? '-* j» i 


Bacchus sponsored Bobby Petricelli, a 
motivational speaker, in the spring. 

Here Charley is enjoying herself at a 
Bacchus convention. 



This organization 
helps the community 
by sponsoring vari- 
ous benificial events. 
These events range 
from a walk for 
Alzheimer's to the 
college Mardi Gras. 
Sr Candice sponsors 
the Samaritians, and 
helps to increas 
their spiritual aware- 


•i' ■ 

. .. .: ■ ' ■ 

Some Samaritans relaxing from their 
volunteer work. 

Here Guisselle shows that Samaritan work 
can be fun. 

Karen Lento, Mary Galambos, Jason Yager, Kathern Fulkner, Shannon Lippy, 
Samantha Scott, Charlene Sayso, Christina Quitinlia, Tray Kalfut, Jenn Micheal, 
Guisselle Torres, Sharon Wormser, Sonia Manuel, Jodi Owen. 


Florida Future Educators of Amer- 
ica's primary goal is to provide 
students who have career inter- 
ests in education. This is an op- 
portunity to broaden student's 
knowledge of educational trends 
or ideas, program innovations, 
and literature in a less formal set- 
ting. At the fall induction ceremo- 
ny, Dr. Fuchs spoke about the joys 
of teaching. In the spring, two 
guest speakers were sponsored 
by F.F.E.A., Charla Bauer and Ka- 
ren Phillips. Charla Bauer Spoke of 
story - telling. Karen Phillips 
shared her experiences with art in 
the elementary school. F.F.E.A. is 
open to ail students at Saint Leo 
- Kristen Hauser 

'<* ''-%» 


Rob Jones, Mr. FFEA. 

Tina, Kristen, and Jason enjoyed themselves 
at the Dali Museum Trip 


Back: Rachel Combs, Jamie Gonzalez, Pamela Jufko, Jennifer Taylor, Robert Jones, 
Amity Giddens, Ronda Sizemore, Julie McGuire, Jennifer Ruggieri, Amy Tocarzyck, 
Megan Bartholomew, Susan Bryant, Dacquiri Urban, Kristen Hauser, Chris Webb, 
Cindi Litak. 


The English honor society is 
about service leadership 
and scholarship. Most of 
these students could be 
found devoting many hours 
to tutoring people in the wri- 
ting lab. In addition the 
members of this organiza- 
tion took on leadership roles 
in other campus activities 
such as Circle K and the 
Student Leadership Coali- 
tion. Hard work, dedication 
and the will to succeed mak- 
es these students stand out. 


'■'■- ,,"■'• 

~" % 

■J *'"£jjf»' *Wf- • ^ 


This year Sigma Tau Delta sponsored a Christmas dec- 
oration sale. 

John accepts an award for his efforts in Sigma Tau Delta 
and other clubs. 

James Kiley, Mike Cunningham, John Bardonus. Dr. Budd, Dr. Woodard, 
Erin Magner, Maura Synder. 


Despite much white resistance against 
the establishment of a black Greek or- 
ganization, seven brave, young college 
men were undaunted in spirit and belief 
to form the first black fraternity in histo- 
ry. As a result of their perseverance, 
these seven, high-spirited, young men 
founded Alpha Phi Alpha on December 
4, 1906 at Cornell University in Ithaca, 
New York. 

The local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha at 
Saint Leo is called the Rho Xi. The foun- 
ding of this chapter has many parallels 
to the national founding. Rho Xi was the 
first black fraternity at Saint Leo Col- 
lege and it too was founded in order to 
enhance the brotherhood of black 
males assembled at a predominantly 
white campus. 


**'.*.«*• *•■ •" -- *■ "■'•'" -Site % '• . *'<3 J L w-*. 

The Alphas are best known for their stepping, which they 
demonstrated at the Greek formal. 

Ted Civil is relaxing after hitting home runs during Greek 


Ruben Garcia, Stuart Hart, Corey Baker, Ted Civil, Keith 
Bowman, Arthur Christopher. 

V '•■ 


■■V ■ 

Gamma Upsilon is a local sorority 
that had a founding date of De- 
cember 3, 1992. The members 
pride themselves on a long histo- 
ry of tradition that dates back to 
their days as the national sorority 
Alpha Omicron Pi. These women 
stand for sisterhood, loyalty to 
Saint Leo, and commitment to ex- 
cellence. Their colors are Cardi- 
nal Red and White that represent 
their innocence, purity, and good- 
ness. Beth Savick said "We may 
have lost Greek Week but we are 
still number 1'. This quote holds 
true in their well known motto 
"Simply the Best". Congratula- 
tions to Lori Liebchen. 
— The Sisters of Gamma Upsilon 




The GLOG's with their big bro's Vinny and Ben. 

Big sis' Beth and little sis' Vicki know the true 
meaning of sisterhood. 

Lori Liephchen, Missy Chapman, Crystal Dobbs, Vinny Gilarde, 
Vickie Green, Jennifer Marsh, Julie Purcel, Beth Savack , Amber 
Dupoaw, Linda Burgin. 


Kappa Theta was foun- 
ded March 1967. They 
strongly believe in 
brotherhood. Accord- 
ing to Kappa Theta, 
brotherhood is the act 
of sharing, respect, 
loyalty, fellowship, and 
unity toward one an- 
other, as well as put- 
ting your brother's 
needs before your 

;* #*.v> -A '•• •'#. * *- •* ^m. 

Kappa Theta sports their pride during rush 

Defranco s stylirr at the Greek formal. 


Karen White, Coen Kriedel, Chris Defranco, Jeff 
Rice, Matt Viliei, Sarah Canavan, Scott Wallace. 

Pi Lambda Phi was founded in 1895 as 
the first non-discriminatory and non- 
sectarian fraternity in the United Sta- 
tes. This Fraternity had the wisdom to 
accept people for who they werejas 4 
individuals rather than members of 
race of religious denomination. This 
still holds true today. The brothers -of 
Pi Lambda Phi are a very diverse 
group with a brotherhood consisting 
of men from various races and 
creeds. The Fraternity has an active 
membership with brothers who are in- 
volved on campus academically, so- 
cially, and athletically. Pi Lambda Phi 
prides itself on developing their mem- 
bers leadership and personal skills. It 
was founded on Saint Leo campus in 
the Spring of 1995 and has mad© a 
profound impact on the Saint Leo 
community. Thanks to four of the 
graduating founding fathers - Kevin 
Darville, Jason Yager, Jim Gaglip, and 

Brotherly love! 
Rob, Piled by Brothers on his throne 

Rob Jones, Jason Yager, Usa Buckridge, Jeremy Blades, Nigel Lewis, Kevin Darville, 
Eric Liberty, Eric Anderson, Mike Melton, Jim Gaglio, Matt McHugh, Debbie Cold, Chris 
Valle, Richard Maurer, Ben Power, Terrance Dowdell, and Jourdain Richter. 


Phi Mu was founded at 
Weselyan College in Macon, 
Georgia in 1852. The objective 
of the founders was to im- 
prove the social, moral, and 
mental staus of their mem- 
bers. Here at Saint Leo Col- 
lege, the Theta Eta Chapter 
does their best to uphold the 
standards of the founders. Phi 
Mu is the second oldest fra- 
ternal organization of women. 
It now has over 100,000 mem- 
bers nationwide, and over 200 

Charmame and her sisters shake what their mamas' gave 

Erin and her charming beau tango at the Greek formal. 


Cheryl Asmussen, Diane Winkler, Jennifer Mitchell, Jolene Cannon, Cassandra 
Mikusi, Julie Mcguire, Erin Magner, Bobette Sponheim, Melia Morris, Charlotte 
Bernier, Amy Gougherty, Melissa Goslee, and Charmaine Washington. 

% ' -, . 

Psi Theta Epsilon was founded in 
1975 with the idea of unity through 
perfection. The sisters to this day still 
strongly believe in this idea and de- 
vote themselves to upholding 
standards, which are Psi Theta Epsi 
Ion. "Nothing great is ever achieved 
without much endurance". Led by 
their Greek goddess, Latasha, and 
this idea, the Theta women were able 
to win this years greek week. This 
showed how these women bonded to- 
gether to prove they are the best. The- 
ta also excelled in the socials, such as 
the Halloween party and the 70s par- 
ty. Theta women were dedicated to 
excellence through the search for per- 
fect friendship. We will truly miss our 
graduating seniors Sarah Canavan, 
Latasha Johnson, and Sunny Spen- 

cer - $L,C 

— Latasha Johnson 

Psi Theta Epsilon bonds with their seniors one last time. 

Psi Theta styles in their new designer togas from the fall 
Ralph Lauren collection, and decorative leaf accessories 
from Gucci. 

Latasha Johnson, Sunny Dawn Spencer, Kelly 
Mazza, Sarah Canavan, and Erin Morran. 


Sigma Lambda was established on No- 
vember 10, 1967. It is has stood the test 
of time and is still known for it's dedica- 
tion to commitment, excellence and 
brotherhood. Through the years a 
strong alumni connection has been de- 
veloped. This was demonstrated in 
their 30th reunion celebrated this year. 
The turnout was quite successful with 
over a hundred Lambda's participating. 
Sigma Lambda particularly excelled 
this year in their athletic and creative 
abilities. They have been the winners of 
the last seven consecutive fraternity 
basketball championships. They were 
also this years winners of Greek Week. 
Well miss our graduating seniors Joe 
Depoii, Vinny Gilarde, and Brian Crowe. 
Congratulations to our new members. 
»— lif sis' Kel-C 

1996 brought many great memories to Lamb- 

Lambda poses G.Q. style at the Greek formal. 


Kenny Pearlman, Jennifer McGlone, Bill Prodoehl, Skye Langmack, 
.Scott Cathcart, Kelsey Brien, Vinny Gilarde, Joe Depoii, Jeff Popoli, 
Brian Crowe, and Jimmy Tobin. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded 
on April 20, 1898 at Longwood 
College, Farmville, Virginia. Saint 
Leo was blessed with Sigma Sig- 
ma Sigma on March 8, 1991 when 
the local Delta Phi Delta expanded 
nationally. Many of it's traditions 
and methods still date back to the 
Delta Phi Delta days. The sisters 
of Tri Sigma are a diverse group of 
women who are involved in many 
on and off campus activities. Their 
philanthropy, for example, is the 
Robbie Page Memorial which sup- 
ports play therapy in hospitals. 
Through their activities, the sis- 
ters have developed a strong 
bond. This bond is signified war 
cry "Faithful Unto Death'. 

,*v .ytr ;#» \ .«""-*♦•* T » ' •.*>»■"".**»•'.'*»-• -* 


Alex Pijach, Holli Comstock, Jill Dascoli, Christina Frazier, 
Lisa Buckridge, Stephanie Tillman, Lisa Rosen, Linda 
D'Abramo, Regina Guerra, Sue Clark, Elissa Penna, Kara 
Ramke, Brenda Cambell, Bobie Badonsky. 

Felica and Brenda show-off their night ware at the Greek 

Holli proudly shows off her new letters. 



Sigma Epsilon started at Saint Leo Col- 
lege as the National Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon de- 
voted themselves to developing the 
well-rounded individual which is sym- 
bolized by the balanced man. It was the 
first national on the Saint Leo campus. 
Now localized, they still devote them- 
selves to the same standards. Better 
known as Sig Ep, these men continued 
strong with its participation in athletics 
and organizations. This was demon- 
strated by their continued success in 
the annual Softball Tournaments. With 
their strong Alumni support, Sig Ep has 
been able to continue to grow. Congra- 
tulations to the graduating seniors- Don 
Keough, AIek Aponte, Dominick 
Filiaponi, and Steven (Beeker) Recardi. 

The president of Sig Ep and the English Honor 
Society takes a stand. 

Pizza! Pizza! 

Megan, Beeker, Renee Sail, Keough, Renee, AIek, and Nate. 


Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded 
nationally January 10, 1899, local- 
ly at Saint Leo in 1984 and 
chartered in 1989. A very proud 
organization, TKE is one of the 
largest national Fraternities with 
over 200,000 brothers nation- 
wide. Desipte the size of this fra- 
ternity it still is able to hold a ex- 
tremely strong and tight brother- 
hood. In this brotherhood, 
respect, leadership and brotherly 
love aid them in developing skills 
that are useful at a national level 
as well as a campus level. Rich in 
tradition of 130 brothers for over 
1 1 years at Saint Leo this Fraterni- 
ty has held a great friendship 
among their brothers. 
- Kevin Moynihan 

-,\i?t-v* ° - • Jew * »^ •* • - 


■■* * 

Skippy makes a good Richard Simmons 
The graduating seniors of TKE. 

Jason Montgomery, Michael Lee, Michael Dudomaine, Franklin Halley, Jamie Cerbellio, 
JoeTarantino, Tom Filgate, Dan Riggs, Brian Kirby, Kevin Moynahan, William Brooks, Pat 
Alyward, Mark Manhire, Jitl Dascoli, Anthony Ibraham, Jenni Pearson, Katie Ure, Sue 



Above: Students egar- 
[y await to be called 
for commencement. 

The traditonal bagpipe 
player leads the gra- 

Everybody has some- 
one to thank. 








As many of us prepared to move on to 
that next level, we thought about how 
Saint Leo shaped us and what things of- 
fered us in the future. The new year 
brought many new and exciting changes 
to the college, but we cannot overlook the 
great memories that the past has left us 
to think about. 

The year began with the same songs that 
were all too fimiliar to us. Then, within 
weeks, drastic changes occured right be- 
fore our eyes. Some looked at it as a 
change for the better, a chance for the 
school to finally progress; others thought 
of it as a disruptance in their lives. 
Changes in the Student Leadership Co- 
alition's activities, the Greek system, and 
the student affairs staff were a positive 
move. Within a year, old traditions for- 
gotten were revived and will continue on 
in the future. The Project was to bring 
back student life on the campus and help 
it develop and grow for the future. This is 
a never ending project; it will continue to 
expand as our school and student body 




This year was the revival of the Golden Legend. It 
had undergone many difficulties and at one point the 
book's existence was questioned. This book is a 
Milestone for future books to come. It was complet- 
ed by 3 diligent staffers who strived to cooperate 
with one another in order to handle the immense task 
set before them. They worked at ungodly hours, 
sometimes going through the night and into the next 
day to produce the book you hold in your hands. 
The theme was picked because the school had un- 
dergone many improvements and resurrections, in- 
cluding this book. The staffers felt this was a fitting 
theme and worked with it. The Staff worked with 
their advisor, Dr. Maureen Powers, Taylor Publishing 
representative Mr. John Pantelis and Sophie Andali 
to produce this Annual. After many weeks of tedious 
labor, and one hectic deadline, the task, or rather the 
project, is complete. HUB 

Cindy, you were my right hand person through all of 
this and much of the book's credit is due to you. 
Christina, thanks for all your help with photographs 
and your support with those odd jobs. 
Kelsey, thanks for all your help you really came 
through in the end, your efforts were much appreci- 

Thanks for all your work on the Book, I know it was 
not easy and your efforts did not go unrecognized. 
Sophie, thank you for time and energy especially 
your photos, without those photos there would be no 
— Mike Melton (Editor). 


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